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  • No April Fool's here - Bruce opens his new world tour in San Jose, California. This became Danny & Shane's first real concert - good way to spoil them for all to come afterwards, mom!
  • (even though I've been a die-hard Bruce fan for decades, this was MY first time to see him live, too!)
  • And then even another concert - Coldplay (Danny's favorite) somewhat north of Sacramento in a beautiful outdoor ampitheatre. I myself was beyond impressed & soooo glad I went!
  • We got us some of those shot-out-of-cannon-butterflies, too!
  • On to LA, but this time the trip heavily overshadowed by the huge Station fire. This shot just up the road (Ventura Blvd.) from the St. George where we stay.
  • Chillin' with Cousin Adam
  • Yet Another Gaggle of Goulds
  • And, yes, a star was born on this trip!
  • Back home for Shane's 14th Birthday party (a big gym down near Sacramento)
  • And meeting up with my two older biological brothers when they came to visit Reno, along with biological nephew Cameron (who lives there)
  • Wow - not only am I the shortest (actually on my tiptoes here)... I'm the YOUNGEST!
  • Okay, enough frivolity - back to school!
  • Both of youse!
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