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  • Even the porcupines came out to say:
  • Happy Birthday, Shane!
  • Nor did the goats want to be left out:
  • Happy Birthday, Shane!
  • Mother Nature even chimed in early as well:
  • Happy Birthday, Shane!
  • And when he wished for a Jeep...
  • See... some wishes do come true! (Remember I said my Chevy Tracker wanted to be a Jeep when he grew up? Well... maturity has set in!)
  • The Actual Birthday Celebration - per Shane's desire, at local ice skating rink.
  • Diggin' into the goods
  • You go, Dude!
  • Now 9 going on...... 25, at the least!
  • Follow the Birthday Leader!
  • All in unison: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SHANE!
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