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  • Yes! It is definitely MY Big Day!
  • And I really did CHOOSE to have it at McDonalds!
  • I made the right choice, huh?!
  • woah... is this German? Can I even read this?
  • Well, maybe not.. but one thing is PERFECTLY clear....
  • I sure do know a Greenback when I see one!
  • Thanks, Papa! (And all the way from EuroLand... must be magic!)
  • Sure I will make a wish, but FIRST I will take a bow!
  • Blow me away, dude!
  • 8 years old and still strong on kisses... aaawww!
  • An older-and-wiser Shane now takes to the track! (on right)
  • feel the speed, feel the power
  • Ain't nuthin' beyond MY grasp!
  • G'nite, boys!
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