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  • Quick 3-day weekend trip in Sept. 2007 to attend B-Mom's SURPRISE 75th birthday party - in all my years, my first surprise party ever!
  • The Woman of the Hour (I did take lots of photos at this party - unfortunately *for* posterity... i.e. on someone else's camera!)
  • But even the shortest trip to LA means more Golf Cart Driving Lessons!
  • And always playing tourist!
  • And always being Ultra-Cool!
  • And still back home in time to celebrate Shane's 12th birthday
  • And they even let him ring the bells at the very-expensive-special-occasions-only Swiss Chalet Restaurant!
  • And then getting - truly- Just What He Wanted!
  • I am the Man!
  • He chose to hold his official party at his gymnastics center this year
  • And of course no September could pass by without the Lake Tahoe Air Fest!
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