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  • The end of a great winter (this is the main highway through Tahoe!)
  • Looking in the opposite direction (note sign pointing to marina)
  • View out the kitchen window
  • And out the kitchen door itself
  • There IS a backyard here somewhere!
  • That's a 2-litre bottle ( about 24 hours!)
  • Shane “The Face” Brain
  • Coyote heading for the Little Leage field dugout
  • Danny’s first at bat in (bigger) Babe Ruth League
  • Babe Ruth/Little League Opening Day
  • Special guest star: Smokey the Bear
  • Looks like spring has sprung!
  • … or swung
  • ready?!
  • Ready or Not!
(they donated his locks to Locks of Love)
  • Opening day lineup; Oakland A's Stadium (versus Red Sox); April 1, 2008
  • Opening day seats
  • Right there
  • Seat circled in red five rows back (with blanket)
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