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  • little town (including our lucked-upon inn) located at mid-right, small clump of buildings on the Russian River as it empties into the Pacific about 2 hrs. north of San Francisco
  • Cabin 5 of River's End Inn - now THIS is a shower stall - beyond the glass to Russian River and then Pacific Ocean
  • result of salty-air days (daze) of summer!
  • sunset from cabin's deck
  • Inn's edible flower garden
  • D&S on banks of Russian River (inn and several homes in the background)
  • D&S *IN* Russian River
  • Gates of Fort Ross - old Russian stronghold from the mid-1800s
  • Fort Ross
  • ABOVE IT ALL! (small winding ribbon in background is Highway 1. Jenner is ca. 90 miles north of San Francisco)
  • Russian Gulch (state beach) - looking down onto our adopted cove
  • Kamikaze Kite!
  • diggin' for clams
  • From Here... to (certainly not) Eternity!
  • They're really NOT Muslims!
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