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  • Not that we get the full effect as in New England, but the aspens always shine and sparkle so brightly against the evergreens & the granite that it really can take your breath away.
  • Getting ready for another cold winter
  • The proud result
  • Danny's ROTC unit invited to march in the Veteran's Day Parade in Virginia City, Nevada (note groundshaking flyover)
  • (even a Pony Express representative was invited!)
  • Here they come!
  • Post-Parade (with BFF Steve)
  • Love a man in uniform!
  • And then off to.... hmm, where was this again?!
  • My 50th birthday present from my parents
  • A trip to see -- NOT New York (that's old hat to me) -- but...
  • ... the very last homestand at the soon-to-be-demolished Yankee Stadium (note the new stadium going up directly beside the soon-to-be old one).
  • Words cannot describe.
  • Melodie did not know I had this all lined up. Was BEYOND cool!
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