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  • Searching for the perfect Christmas tree 2007 ($10 cutting permit from the Forest Service; only certain locations and only specific trunk diameters)
  • It’s ours!
  • Now get to work!
  • I can help, too!
  • (but maybe he actually shouldn't...)
  • Mission Accomplished
  • A boy, his dog and his tree
  • And the winter continues / Shane "The Face" Brain
  • ANOTHER storm!  This is the MAIN highway going through South Lake Tahoe
  • Looking in the other direction down the highway (note sign to marina)!
  • View out our kitchen window
  • Looking back on what you just saw from the inside
  • There IS a backyard under there somewhere!
  • That is a TWO liter bottle (snow amount in about 48 hours)
  • Pickup truck only barely visible
  • Passenger car completely invisible
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