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  • South Lake Tahoe's AirFest 2003 - group shot with the Kovacs
  • aerial view of (now-general aviation) Tahoe Airport, where this annual event is held
  • Lake Tahoe AirFest 2003 - Danny and I REALLY go for the altitude in this old biplane
  • our biplane view from above
  • Shane as well climbs to new altitudes!
  • ... and then on to even further above (not my Aug03 dive, but a nice shot)
  • that AM-I-REALLY-GOING-TO-DO-THIS pit-of stomach feeling!
  • … guess so!
  • (also not my Aug03 dive, but my current screensaver!)
  • This compilation IS my own actual August 2003 dive.
  • Back on land
  • and really back to earth (and all girlied-up for parent's visit)
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