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  • Danny's overnight in-costume field trip to Sutter's Fort (Sacramento; May 25-26)
  • Official arrival at fort (by 1-1/2 mile covered wagon ride)
  • Fort courtyard
  • In fort courtyard - Danny's stupendous teacher on left, Mr. Matteucci.
  • Fort carpentry area (also where Mom led the kids in ropemaking)
  • Stokin' the fire - first job of the morning
  • Lunchtime (all food prepared ourselves, including churning the butter!)
  • Apart from an Indian Lady telling stories around the fire afterwards, this was also part of our evening's entertainment under the stars.
  • Reel Dance (in general)
  • Reel Dance (specific!)
  • Pioneer Pals
  • Even pioneers go for ice cream! (next morning waiting for river boat ride)
  • Next morning's river boat ride down Sacramento River.
  • Hardy and Happy!
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