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  • Welcome...
  • .. to our...
  • ... mountaintop....
  • Jeff!
  • There was a lot of eating involved.
  • Danny waiting patiently for his order.
  • Shane, not all that patiently.
  • Also a lot of fishing instruction (Red Lake near Kirkwood, Alpine County)
  • So you take the poor defenseless little worm....
  • ... and poke, jab and impale him!
  • Jeff with Danny
  • Jeff with Shane
  • Shane reels!
  • Shane with kayak - also tried this for the first time ever that same week - surprisingly fun!
  • And then, of course, there was the 4th!
  • Peace for the 4th!
  • pre-firework viewing set-up
  • Music-synchronized fireworks to only the most patriotic music, of course! ("biggest and best this side of the Mississippi")
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